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Dave Petersen founded the company in 1986 after deciding that it was crazy for people to spend hundreds of dollars more than they really needed to. Our process involves taking the machines and going through them from top to bottom and ensuring that they are top quality machines before they are sold.

Advantages of Petersen's:

- Machines examined from top to bottom

- Parts repaired and replaced as needed

- Money savings

- We service what we sell

- You'll always have us stand by our work

- Your machine will be cleaned after service

- We want you satisfied

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Since 1986, Dave Peterson has been servicing and reconditioning washer and dryers in an effort to save people money and time. Providing

service to Kenosha, Walworth, Racine, and other areas of Northern Illinois.

Enjoy the 6 months guarantee on washers and dryers.

Washer and dryers

will only be

repaired as needed and only with

quality workmanship.


Call with any of your repair issues whether they are big or small - we service everything that we sell.

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